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About Alpine Armour

For first-time alpine adventurers, the old saying of "all the gear, no idea" can lead to some hairy situations and in the worst case scenario, some pretty nasty injuries. For the more experienced adrenalin junkies, often it's the things outside of your control that can be your undoing.

Whichever category you fit, have you ever stopped to question what is "all the gear" that you actually need? Especially when it comes to minimising injuries. Our bet is that you've been missing some key protective garments, perhaps from not realising they even exist! That is why Alpine Armour was born.

We've teamed up with Physio Phebe, an Australian physiotherapist from the adventure hub of Bright. Following her love of alpine sports, Phebe works with elite athletes in mountain biking and snow sports and deals with alpine sport injuries day in and day out at her clinic in Bright.

Phebe has selected each product for the site in accordance with our mission to help minimise your chance of sustaining an injury (or at the very least decrease the extent of potential damage), as well as helping those with a chronic condition stay active for longer. Together, we want to help you be active with confidence.

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