CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY CLOSURE : 23/12/23 - 06/01/24


  1. Select your colour
  2. Select your size
  3. Customise button will then appear (click on this)
  4. Browse our range of iconic local designs and select your favourite full design OR select an element that you like (or several elements) and build your own design
  5. You can also add text and be as creative as you like

Important Points

  • The design graphic will automatically go to the front of the garment. You can resize this using the mouse and move it to either the left or right chest if you prefer (staying within the print boundary displayed).
  • The design graphic will automatically be added as black. To change the colour click on the graphic (on the front of the hoodie) and then click the first box on the left to select your desired colour (please keep this in mind when adding to a black hoodie as you won’t see it until you change the colour!).
  • You can print on the back of the garment by selecting the ‘BACK’ option on the bottom left of the hoodie image.
  • Pricing automatically includes 1 print (e.g. front print or 1 element). By adding a back print or an additional element, pricing will automatically increase by $10 each graphic. By adding text, pricing will automatically increase by $5 each text graphic. The price is displayed in the bottom left hand corner next to the button labelled DONE.
  • When you are happy with your design, select DONE and your front design will show on the product page.
  • To edit your design, simply select the Customise button again.