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Introducing 2nd Skull

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2nd Skull is engineered to reduce impact to the head. Every 2nd skull cap/beanie or headband has a thin layer of lightweight XRD material made from special molecules that are soft and flexible at rest, but can momentarily harden and absorb energy under sudden impact.

2nd Skull was founded in the USA by Federico Olivares, whose mission is to inspire athletes to play with confidence by adding protection to the most important part of the body (their head). 

“It all started on a summer day in 2010. My kids were riding bikes and electric four wheelers. All of a sudden, I saw my son fall down and hit his head hard on the concrete. While he had his bicycle helmet on, I realized that in a split second our lives could change. I felt helpless and knew at that moment that I had to do something about this, for me and for other parents. If there was one product that could add protection to any sport helmet, what would it look like?” This event sparked the idea which led to the journey and the birth of 2nd Skull.

2nd Skull products are designed to fit neatly under sports helmets or beanies for an added layer of protection and are available in youth, teen and adult sizes.

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